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Happy in the Holidays, Even When it’s Hard

There has been quite a deafening silence on this site lately, and I promise there is a good reason. You see, I haven’t been well – and I don’t mean just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

At the beginning of August I had quite literally a complete meltdown. Many of the plates I was spinning came crashing down, and the thought of picking them all up at once was too overwhelming for me to bear. But little by little I’ve been able to sweep up the mess, wipe away the debris, and clear the air from the disaster that was this fall. And I can tell you that I DID NOT do this alone!! Faith, family, and friends carried me through this season, and I’ll be forever grateful.

With the holidays around the corner- Thanksgiving less than a week away and Christmas on its tail! – I’ve started to really wonder what kind of season we are going to have! Money is tight; like “I need a new belt because mine just bust through the last hole” tight. And patience is thin; like “I might burst into tears if I have to wait one more second for you to get out of this car” thin. A holly jolly Christmas doesn’t feel very feasible. And days of merry and bright seem like a pipe dream.


But guess what? It is. And they’re not! Maybe this year will be the happiest Christmas of all! Maybe this year will finally teach me and my kids what it is to be thankful for all the things! Big and small. Mostly small. Because I’m terrible at overlooking the blessings and focusing on the big problems.

I’ve been thinking and speaking a lot about how thankfulness is something that I’m determined to implement every day, not just during a season of the year! Gratitude really does change your attitude! And I’ve recognized a difference in myself when I’m practicing being thankful, especially during this trying time in my family’s life!

If it helps you, to get a glimpse of what a focus shift looks like for me, I’ve provided just a few below.


Big Problem: Strapped Finances

HUGE Blessing: A gift card to take the kids to Chick-Fil-A

Big Problem: Thin Patience

HUGE Blessing: Seeing my children help one another with a task

Big Problem: Strained Relationships

HUGE Blessing: Waking up to a note on my bedside table or a text from a friend

Big Problem: Health Concerns

HUGE Blessing: Being able to get out of bed in the morning and happy to be here.


You see, there really is so much to be thankful for! God has been so faithful to provide what my family has needed when we needed it! And I know He will continue to carry me through situations and seasons that are ultimately for my good and for His glory! That’s a blessing to me, and it speaks peace to my soul during the “best time of the year”, even if it’s not. Even when it’s hard there’s cause to be happy during the holidays!






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