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Dine Around Town: My Favorite Places to Eat, Drink, and be Merry in and around OKC

Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! It’s been quite a busy one over here with VBS, meetings, play dates, and dinner guests. Whew. I’m tired just thinking back on it all! If you find yourself weary from the week and looking for a night out on the town (and by town I mean the OKC metro area), I’d like to give you some friendly advice: take a culinary tour with your significant other OR your besties “progressive dinner” style! Because I’m giving you all. the. scoop on my favorite places to go and what I get when I go there. You’re welcome. Shall we begin? (I’m already salivating…)

Pre-Game (Amuse Buche, if you will) 

If you find yourself in Edmond on a Thursday or Friday night, I highly recommend The Martini Lounge at 505 S. Boulevard. From 4:30-6:30 they have a free appetizer buffet with the purchase of a beverage. I’ll suggest, also, that you order a lemon basil gin gimlet (you can order it with vodka if you prefer) or a glass of Rombauer Red Zinfandel because it’s just like Heaven in a glass. The fact that I’m even sharing this information with you is proof of my undying love.

The Patriarch is located at 9 E. Edwards St. in Edmond, OK

If you’re a beer drinker, I cannot recommend The Patriarch Craft Beer House & Lawn at 9 E. Edwards St. in downtown Edmond enough! So. Many. Taps. The staff is amazing, the atmosphere is awesome, and they also have a small selection of wine and cocktails so there’s now something for everyone! And there’s always a food truck serving up foodstuffs in case you gotta get something in that belly after a long day. A couple of other places for great beer that come to mind include RePUBlic in Classen Curve, and Oak & Ore in the Plaza District. Options, people!


If I’m already in the city, I love going to Side Car on 10th Street downtown – and now they have a new location in Chisholm Creek on Western & Memorial-  for a quick drink and some yummy charcuterie before dinner. Literally every cocktail is delicious, and I often just leave it to the bartender to surprise me. (My dear, sweet husband has rubbed off on me like that! We live on the edge.) Also, O Bar atop the Ambassador Hotel has “Wine Down Wednesday” with a featured glass of wine that only costs $5, and you can order food from the Viceroy Grille which resides on the first floor of the hotel. It’s all delicious!

Sticking with the downtown vibe, if you long for another era in time I IMPLORE YOU to visit R&J’s Supper Club and Lounge. It totally takes you back to the the 60s with its decor, its table settings, and its culinary offerings. Please, please, please order a Bees Knees (can you tell I like gun? Another husband-y rub-off) and for the love get yourself the mussels. Wine, butter, mussels, and French-freaking-Fries instead of toast points. I’m all about it, y’all.

Finally, if you’re not in Edmond and are kind of looking to stay out of the downtown scene, I would say that En Croute in Nichols Hills Plaza is where it’s at! The mushrooms and truffle on toast is what dreams are absolutely made of. Prepare for a light dinner if you go this route though. Consider yourself warned.

The Main Event

Okay, now that your mouth is officially watering (drool city over here!), let’s move on to the main course. Any and all of the aforementioned restaurants have wonderful culinary offerings, so if you must stay put or cannot pull yourself away, please don’t feel guilt about this. You’re in good hands! I’m simply saying that while you’re out, you might as well enjoy some more tastes of the town!

Victoria’s is located at 327 White St. in Norman, OK

I’ll start south of the city. If you are in Norman (Boomer!), you absolutely must visit Victoria’s The Pasta Shop on White St. Oh my goodness, every-single-thing is to die for. The bread. Oh! The tortellini. MmHmmm! It’s literally the best Italian in the metro. No. Lie. I will happily drive 45 minutes for this business. Yes, yes I will.

Another gem in Norman is Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails at 132 W Main St. Aside from the fact that their brunch is AH-mazing, they have my 2 favorite things ever: crispy fried green tomatoes and decadent macaroni and cheese! I cannot, you guys. It’s sinful.

If you’re looking for an experience, a fancy date night out, or are celebrating a special event, please look no further than Broadway 10|Bar & Chophouse. Located at the corner of 10th and Broadway in Downtown OKC, it’s a pricey option, but WOW it’s so worth it! The sushi is wonderful, the pork chops are delectable, and there’s nothing better than their roasted Brussels sprouts. Absolutely nothing. Then there’s the dessert… but I’ll save that for later. Other wonderful places to celebrate a special occasion include The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro in Nichols Hills, The Ranch Steakhouse on Britton, The Jones Assembly, our newest eatery in the city, and Boulevard Steakhouse in Edmond. Each of these places has it’s own unique vibe, so do some research and plan your next splurge!

cafe icon

Now, let’s get exotic. If you’re a fan of sushi, Oklahoma City has some seriously awesome options! Old and new alike, I’m gonna run through the list of my favorite places to order this Japanese delight! Number 1 on my list is Cafe Icon in Edmond at 311 S. Blackwelder. It’s the absolute greatest, in my opinion. The service is wonderful, and the quality of the fish is just incredible. My favorite rolls include the Firecracker, The Rebel, Double Crunch, and Tiger roll. Give me all the crunchy rolls! On the west side of Edmond, The Sushi Bar is a wonderful option too! You won’t be disappointed either way.

If you’re in the city, look no further than Sushi Neko, you guys! It’s been a staple on Western for as long as I can remember. My favorite rolls are the Atomic Tootsie and Red Canyon. Oh em gee. Be right back, I gotta get my sushi fix.

Barrios is located at 1000 N. Hudson in OKC.

And finally, we cannot talk about dinner in this blessed city without discussing Mexican food. We just can’t do it. It would be blasphemy. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Mexican or Tex Mex restaurant in this town. Or any other town in this state, for that matter. Anyway, I’ll start with my most recent trip to Barrios Fine Mexican Dishes located at 1000 N. Hudson downtown. My absolute favorite thing besides the atmosphere and the avocado margarita is lobster and crab enchilada. I’ve heard that the tacos are also to die for, but I haven’t had personal experience with them!


I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention a metro classic, Ted’s Cafe Escondido. With multiple locations, this place is a local favorite for sure!! The homemade tortillas cannot be beat. And you absolutely cannot order one bad thing off the menu. It’s all amazing, and you’ll leave with a stomach ache. So just accept it.

Oh!! And let’s not forget that we have a Chuy’s!! I’ve never been to the one at 760 N. Interstate Dr., but y’all don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never been to Chuy’s. I will claim this Austin-born Tex Mex fave! They have a plethora of delicious options, including vegetarian-friendly tacos, enchiladas, burriots, etc. The last options I’ll recommend include Three Tequilas in Edmond, Cultivar in Downtown OKC, and the many Fuzzy’s Tacos locations around the metro – that queso, though. Muy Bien!!!!

The Wedge Pizzeria is located at 4709 N. Western in OKC

I want to quickly make some nods to local pizzerias and burger joints that I just love! If you’re looking for some good ol’ fashioned pizza without frills or fuss, hit up any of the local Hideaway Pizza locations. And for the love, order the fried mushrooms while you’re at it! I like my pizzas straight out of a wood burning oven, so when I’m in the mood for some pie I hit up Hall’s Pizza Kitchen on 1004 N. Hudson for The Samwise (trust me), Pizzeria Gusto on N. Walker for the Butternut Squash and pizza, or The Wedge on Western for The Napoli. You honestly just cannot go wrong with any of these excellent pizzerias. You just can’t. They’re all amazing!

If a hunk of meat between a bun is your thing, don’t miss the opportunity to visit RePUBlic for their creative burgers served on a pretzel bun, and choose an accompanying delish side dish!! And if you like things a little funky, hit up S&B’s Burger Joint (multiple locations) for sliders and full burgers that are creative and crazy good!


Is anyone else stuffed just thinking about the many cocktail, appetizer, and main course options mentioned already? Yeah, me too! But who in their right mind would pass up dessert?? Who, I say!? Not me. So real quick, I’m gonna share my most favorite desserts at my most favorite restaurants. Grab your spoon and  get that sweet tooth ready, cause here we go!

Packard’s New American Kitchen

Number, absolute, ONE on my list is Packard’s New American Kitchen‘s donut bread pudding. You’re gonna see bread pudding on this list a couple times, so just deal with it. It’s served with coffee ice cream, so yeah, it goes there. Packard’s also has a rooftop bar, so you can take in the city views! It’s located on the corner of 10th and Robinson downtown.

Let’s just get the bread puddings out of the way. Cafe 501 in Edmond and Classen Curve serves up a delicious traditional dessert bread pudding with a bourbon butter sauce that is just heavenly! Ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream while you’re at it, because it just takes it to that next level. Ya know what I mean, Jean?

If you’re a cheesecake fan and/or a créme brûleè then I’m going to say this one time: Broadway 10 (remember the pork chops and Brussels sprouts?) has brûleèd cheesecake. No, I’m not kidding! It is the absolute best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. And I really, really, dislike cheesecake *please put your fork down and stop glaring at me*.

And since it hasn’t gotten any love yet, I’ll give a nod to Hefner Grill on Lake Hefner for their decadent key lime pie. Their brunch is awesome too, but we’re talking sweets so let’s just continue… It’s tart, and sweet, and the whipped cream is just AGH! I die. They have excellent views of the lake, so I really enjoy going here on a nice evening with a light breeze. (April 25th weather, you guys. Not too hot, not too cold.) Pie Junkie in The Plaza also has excellent key lime. Highly recommend that too!

If chocolate is your jam, I am not the blogger for you, since I really could live without any chocolate anything ever. BUT, La Baguette has some of the tastiest chocolate pastries I’ve ever had. I’d recommend the chocolate mouse. No, not mousse. Mouse. It’s adorable and delicious.

roxysFinally, I cannot write a post about foods and desserts without mentioning the ever beloved ice cream. Seriously. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest Roxy’s Ice Cream Social near you! Their ice cream AND what they do with it (hello there, ice cream sandwich on salted chocolate chip cookies) is just beyond. They have vegan options also, and they’re amazing…. Banana’s Foster I’m looking at you, baby!

But the best, THE BEST, ice cream dessert in this entire city, and probably in the entire state is found at Cheever’s Cafe on the corner of 23rd and Hudson. This ice cream ball is the most decadent dessert you can have, I’m just sure of it. It’s ice cream that’s rolled in spiced pecans and covered in chocolate and caramel sauces. You can order a full, half, or quarter size depending on how many you have in your party, or how hungry you are in general. My love of ice cream is solidified in this dessert. And I never miss an opportunity to partake in it’s creamy, crunchy, spicy, and sweet goodness.


Whew! So there you have it… It’s been delight for me to walk you through some of my favorite progressive dinner options. I intentionally stayed away from *most* chain restaurants, even though I do have several favorites of those also. But my heart for this post was to show you just how many wonderful, local options there are in the city and surrounding suburbs for dinner! Lunch favorites and the ever-important brunch are a post for another day.

If you feel like I left some of your favorites out, I would love to know about them!! It would be impossible for me to list all the wonderful restaurants in the metro, so I know I’m not going to please everyone (or even myself) with my limited suggestions. Just know I did my very best! And I can’t wait to hear where you love to dine!


*This post was not sponsored by any establishment mentioned. These are my opinions, my experiences, and my personal favorite places to dine when we can 1) get away from the kids and 2) afford the bill.

** The images you see of each restaurant have been taken off that business’s Facebook timeline. I stayed away from images of dining patrons for that reason.


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