Surviving the Doctor’s Office with Littles

Earlier this week, I did something I swore I would never do: I took all three kids to the doctor for their well child checks at the same time! Like, who does that? Apparently only people who seriously have a death wish. My husband had a work engagement that he couldn’t get out of to help me, so I recruited the help of my dear mother – hi mom! – and we set off for the doctor’s office with bravery in our hearts.

I debated on what to title this post, and to be honest I don’t know that the one I chose does justice to our experience, but in the hopes that people would not be warded off by “The Peds Office with Three Kids: A Time Lapse of Misery”, I decided in favor of the less dramatic. 🙂 But be aware that the post you’re about to read is nothing short of hysterical (now) because only fools endeavor to take all the kids to the doctor at once. I’ll give you a glimpse of the TWO AND A HALF HOUR ordeal. So buckle up, grab a drink, and get ready to laugh your -youknowwhat- off.

The appointment was set for 10:45, and since we were visiting a new doctor in a new building, I loaded up my little people at 10:15 so that we could get there with plenty of time to find a parking spot, unload, find the office and get checked in. I woke the sleeping baby up at 10:13. Yeah. He was super happy about that.

My mom showed up at 10:14 to help me get everyone loaded. And off we went to the doctor’s office.

10:22- We arrive in the parking lot and find a spot at what seems to be a mile away. It was probably only 75 yards, but with three kids in the summer heat, with all the diapers, waters, and extras it’s a haul.

10:29- We make it into the building, where we are greeted by a HUGE table of cookies in the lobby. Of course everyone wants one, but being a health-conscious mama I say “not before lunch.” Cue the first meltdown. We haven’t made it 10 steps in and 2/3 of my kids are losing it. Losing it, I say!

10:34– Great! We are 10 minutes early, and everyone is crying. I get us checked in while my mom takes the two younger kids down the hall to look out the big glass windows. It entertains them for approximately .00075674 seconds. The oldest is still asking for the cookie I’ve said no to about 100 times now.

10:47– All checked in and ready to wait. Remember when I said our appointment was at 10:45? I didn’t realized that meant “check in and wait until….” *whip out the phone so my kids can watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood*. Mother of the year, right here! Technology #forthewin

10:49–  A little boy walks up to the check in desk with his mom holding a cookie. Oh em gee. I’m about to join my 4-year-old in his fit.

10:55– After all our efforts to keep the kids entertained, I finally give in and give the kids the freaking cookies. Because you know when you’ve been beaten.

Kids + Cookies = Happiness

11:10– I’ve watched at least 3 families who showed up before us walk in to the office before us, and I’m starting to have a mini meltdown on the inside.

11:12– They finally call us back, and let me tell you this office know’s what’s up! All three of my kids had their own nurse to take their height, weight, head circumference, and BP. Literally it took no time at all. None. I breathed a sigh of relief.

11:15– “Okay, the doctor will be in shortly!” They said. Again, doctor’s office to the rescue they had a “shapes hid and seek” game that thoroughly enthralled the 2 and 4-year-olds. It was a blast, and they played “find the shapes” for at least 10 minutes.

11:26– Still no doctor, and hanger sets in. Daniel Tiger to the rescue again! I love that little feline.

11:32– Doctor walks in, and every child is running around everywhere. We attempt to have conversations about each one between the screaming, the jumping, the crying, the hitting, and the jabbering “Mommy, mommy, mommy!” It was fun. And God bless our pediatrician for her patience and tenderness toward 3 “over-it” kids.

11:52– Everyone’s been checked, cleared and the oldest and youngest are ready for their shots. Yay! Said no mom, ever. My sainted mother and I come up with a plan for the 4-year-old to get his shots first so he doesn’t get freaked out by the youngest’s experience, then she’ll take the 2 big kids and the keys to the car to get them loaded up and cooled off while the baby gets his shots. Game. On. Point.

12:08– The nurse comes in with all the shots, and I had to do what every mother hates, which is hold their child down while they get poked with needles. It was fun! Next! Baby gets his shots, we go over all the paperwork, and my ears start to bleed from the screaming.

12:23– Everyone’s loaded up. This 2 hour ordeal has everyone’s blood pressure up and energy low. So we go through the Chick-Fil-A drive through down the street and head home so that we can get nourishment and naps, for the love!

So there you have it. Two hours, three kids, five shots, and infinite levels of stress and all the tears. That’s taking three kids to the doctor at one time. I will say, I consider myself fortunate that no one vomited, passed out, or had a blow out! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! And if  you’ve ever, and I mean ever, done this by yourself then you are a Super Human and you should get a medal.

I hope this doesn’t scare any of you from doing what is necessary- and sometimes that looks like taking all your kids to the doctor at one time. The whole point of this post is to be real, honest, and also encouraging. “Wow, real encouraging post, there Moll.” I know, I know. It might not seem like it, but my heart for this post is to show moms that sometimes surviving is thriving.

Sometimes doing really hard things like taking all the babies to the doctor, with or without help, is necessary and even beneficial! I learned my limits this time. And I probably won’t repeat this experience in the future! And that’s okay! If you can, do it! If you can’t, ask for help. You deserve credit for your efforts either way.

Just do the best you can, Mama! And if that means giving your kid a cookie before lunch, then I’m in no position to judge. Ever.





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